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Past Honorees


Emma Doherty: The Professions

Ethel Gane: Volunteer

Cynthia McCall-Campbell: Religion

Carolyn Peterson: Business & Industry

Saralyn Reece-Hardy: Not For Profit

Martha Rhea: Creative&Performing Arts

Ann Rundquist (Rollins): Government

Dr. Roberta Thiry: Education

PamVan Horn: Agriculture


Constance Achterberg: The Professions

Ruth Ascher: Not For Profit

Kathryn Collmer Scharplaz: Agriculture

Deborah Cox: Government

Paula Fried, PhD: Volunteer Service

Sarah Gardenhire: Religion

Lori Hall: Education

Ann Knowles: Business & Industry

Ellen Morgan: Creative & Performance

Helen M.Graves: Lifetime Achievement Award


Dr. Carol Ahlvers: Education

Jane Alsop: Volunteer Service

Diane Cusick: Agriculture

Nancy Klostermeyer: Not For Profit

Sally Leger-Schneider: The Professions

Debbie Mestas: Government

Brenda Ratzlaff: Business & Industry

Sister Mary Lou Roberts: Religion

Patricia Traxler: Creative & Performance


Karen J. Blomquist: Business & Industry

Helen Lindquist-Bonny: Creative & Performance

Geraldine Briscoe: Racial & Social

Margie Decker: Religion

Deborah Divine: The Professions

Annie Grevas: Government

Janet Juhnke: Education

Marguerite Mintun: Volunteer Service

Rebecca Morrisson: Lifetime Achievement

Deborah Ray: Not For Profit

Donna Vanier: Agriculture

Helen L.Graves: Lifetime Achievement


Kate Lindsay: Creative & Performing Arts

Joan Jerkovich: The Professions

Rita Cook: Education

Sandy Bartholomew: Volunteer Service

Joyce Thomas: Religion

Kim Fair: Not For Profit

Mischelle Smith: Personal Achievement

Phyllis Pickel: Business & Industry


Nedra Elbl: Education

Yvonne Gibbons: Government

Jennifer Johnson: Business & Industry

Shareika Jones: Young Woman of Achievement

Anne Jung: Not For Profit

Sue Keating: Agriculture

Judy Lilly: Personal Achievement

Barbara Marshall Nickell: Creative & Performing Arts

Patricia Murray: The Professions

Ramona Newsom: Religion

Sydney Soderberg: Volunteer Service

Sister Judy Stephens: Racial & Social


Jackie Anders: Personal Achievement

Mollie Carlson: Young Woman of Achievement

Brandi Disberger: Agriculture

Leadell Ediger: Not For Profit

Jaunelle Garretson: Education

Barbara Knight: Racial & Social

Paula Knox: Volunteer Service

Marcia MacLennan: Religion

Wendy Moshier: Creative & Performing Arts

Mary Lou Odle: Government

Joyce Trower: The Professions

Joyce Volk: Business & Industry


Kathy Allen: Personal Achievement

Sandra Bevery: Racial & Social

JoAnn Dimmitt: Volunteer Service

Angie Eilrich: Business & Industry

Patricia Grimwood: The Professions

Nancy Hodges: Volunteer Service

Laurel Michel: Young Woman of Achievement

Connie Neuburger: Education

Mary Shaffer: Agriculture

Victoria Spicer: Creative & Performing Arts

Betsy Wearing: Not For Profit


Rose Base: Government

Pauline Eaton: Volunteer Service

Dr. Elaine Ferguson: Racial & Social

Korey Hensley: Education

Joan Jackson: Agriculture

Carolee Jones: Not For Profit

Lindsey Henderson Lonergan: Personal Achievement

Thea Nietfeld: Religion

Maria Rapp: The Professions

Savannah Sherwood: Young Woman of Achievement

Peggy Simms: Creative & Performing Arts

Frieda Mai Weis: Business & Industry

Terry Hoyt Evans: Lifetime Achievement

Sister Evangeline Thomas: Lifetime Achievement


Millie Moye

Vicki Price

Debbie Rivers

Brenda Stoss

Martha Tasker

Women Helping Women


Adrienne Allen: Arts & Culture

Lori Blake: Education

Beverly Cole: Personal Development

Dr. Lisa Larson: Workplace

Brenda McDaniel: Education

LaNay Meier & Vera Zerger: Service to Community

Kathy Tolbert: Workplace

Kimberly Trigg: Emerging Leader

Barb Young: Service to Community

Susan Young: Personal Development

Ann Zimmerman: Service to Community


Gilda Alvarez: Personal Growth

Karen Ebert: Service to Community

Genell Heimer: Emerging Leader

Julie Sager Miller: Lifetime Achievement

Linda Salem: Workplace

Alysia Starkey: Education

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