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WE: Women Empowered Event

In an effort to empower local women and women identifying artists, encourage collaboration and create continuing awareness of the YW Legacy Fund, the WOA Salina Committee has created a new event promoting and supporting the work of women and women identifying artists working in all mediums. Invited art forms are music, poetry, spoken word, dance, performance, installation, 3D and 2D visual art, film, new media, and uncategorized mediums. This multi-disciplinary event will be held at the Salina Community Theatre in the Black Box Theatre on November 9, 2019, from 7-9 p.m. and will consist of up to 13 performances and an exhibition of up to 10 visual art pieces by artists whose proposals are selected. The event will also include small bites, sweet treats and a signature event cocktail in the ticket price. There will also be a cash bar with beer and wine selections. The $50 ticket price will include a $10 contribution to the YW Legacy Fund to support grants that are made from this fund every year.



Artists are encouraged to propose an original or interpreted project that will engage the audience through sight, sound, thought, touch or other artistic interaction. Successful projects will be inspired by any aspect of the former YWCA of Salina mission including women’s growth, leadership and power to attain a common vision for peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all people. Artists must consider the need for audience accessibility and the scale of their surroundings. Collaborations are strongly encouraged between artists in all genres (artist and musician, writer and performer, etc.). Some examples of projects include music (vocal and/or instrumental), dance, or dramatic performances; readings or performances of poems or prose; works of performance art; screenings of film or video; exhibition of two- or three-dimensional works of visual art in the SCT gallery; and collaborations between artists working in the same or different genre. Where possible, these projects should consist of original work. However, outstanding creative interpretations of works of music, theater, literature, and dance composed or created by others that fulfill the specifications will be considered.

For more information and to review the CALL FOR PROPOSALS document, please click HERE:

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